_Origins__Acrylic on canvas_24_x72__MBT.
Tafv Lumhe
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Anatsisdaluga (Lightning Bug)

      -Native Baby Series-

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    Catahoula Kiss
-Native Baby Series-
mb timothy boy turtle 5-24-18 10x10.jpg
Gawonidiha elawei na daksi 
(Turtle Whisperer)
-Native Baby Series-
Usdi Jistu, Usdi Atsutsa
-Native Baby Series-

The Last War Chief

GaSvLeNv (To Cover)

White Face


Two Clouds

The Magnificent Seven

GaLiQuoGi (Seven)

We Are Sisters

Southern Straight

Southern Straight

Frying Bread Copy (1).jpeg

Frying Bread

PowWow Boy

Bird Serpent

SouthEast Crossroads

A Closer Look

Raven Mocker

Spiro Serpent

Rez Car Hop

Precious Cargo

SouthEast Dragonfly

SouthEast Spiders


One of These Girls is Not Like the Others

SouthEastern Style

Constant Prayer for the Bird Clan